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Hello Austin, 

I am writing this to you as an abuser as I am seeking your help after reading your book. I am an abuser and my wife left me about 6 months ago. I never realized the person I have become till she moved-out with our kids [      ]. I was doing a lot of things described in Lundy’s and your book as far as yelling, name calling, defensive, controlling, isolation, physical (yes, happened and I am very sorry for that. I know that I had a choice and it was never right for me to do that to her).
~ email received May, 2016

Dear Austin

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this book.  I am an Emotional Abuse Victim suffering for 12 years now.  I was on Amazon looking for something that might validate what I’ve been going thru when, I came upon your book.  With much sadneas…& hope for the future, I will be leaving my marriage soon. I hope it will continue to help people going thru the same thing.
~ email received May, 2016

Dear Mr. James,

I just finished your book Emotional Abuse; The Silent Killer of Marriage. First off I wanted to tell you that my wife and I both read it. And it has had a very profound impact on our marriage and has opened our eyes to what is wrong in our marriage. And has given me a small amount of hope that I can work and over come my abusive way. I realize I used the term small amount of hope, but that is what I feel right now. Let me explain if I may…

Probably for the last fifteen years I have been living in a world where there was no responsibility to other people. I have a pretty extensive track record of acting to what benefits me the most. I also have a impulse to behave in way that only serves to benefit me. This is part of my personality that your book has help me diagnose.
~email received April, 2016

Hey there, Mr James-

I could not stand to wait a minute to tell you what a profound effect your book has had on me.  In a lot of ways, I felt like I was reading about my own marriage.  There were a few extra layers for me to deal wiith in my relationship, but I think abuse is abuse, no matter the form.  I think people will go to extraordinary lengths to do what they think will help them avoid pain, successful or not.
~email received March, 2016

 Hi Austin –

I recently read your book at the suggestion of my wife. We both felt that reading your life story was as though we were reading about our own lives these past 18 years. I started seeking help from a therapist 2 months ago for general anger and some narcissistic and obsessive compulsive tendencies. At the time I could not pinpoint exactly what was unsettling in me, I just knew something was wrong. Reading your book gave me and my wife a sudden “aha” moment.
~email received February, 2016

 I am doing this for a friend, she needs help and I know you deal with Emotional Abuse, like you said in your book not everyone knows how to deal with this.   I read your book and if I did not know any better i would have thought my husband wrote the book.  I understand what she is going through and no one else does and family and husband are trying to back her in a corner to go back to him.  I want go into all the details, if you answer this e-mail back I will show her and she can respond to you.  I told her she needs a professional to deal with this.
~email received January, 2016


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the courage and direction to write this book.  I was an abusive husband for around 15 years.  My wonderful bride bought this on Amazon and suggested that I read it, I of course disagreed initially due to the fact I was always able to justify all of my actions.  She drew a line in the sand and moved out.  She had suggested that we work on things, ourselves as well as together. I was about 50% in the beginning as far as working things out.
~email received Janaury, 2016

 Hello Mr James,

I have read through your book (almost) and I wanted to say thank you for being so open and honest. I believe you have helped many men from it.
~email received October, 2015

 Austin, just want to thank you for taking the time out of your life to write this book “Emotional Abuse: Silent Killer of Marriage”.  God has just recently opened my eyes to the abuse I have been living under for 21 years. In the early years of our marriage we found out the my husband is bi-polar (he actually was first dx’d at 14). I thought I just had to accept the way he treated me because he was bi-polar and couldn’t help it.  I don’t know why I was blind for so long but God showed me that He would release me and He in fact did through the unfortunate physical assault by my husband against my son.
~email received August, 2015

Many more to follow…